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Former army base in Northern Ireland eyed as long-term film studio

1 Sep 2015by Nick Goundry

An old army base in Ballykelly, Northern Ireland, is being looked at as a potential film studio facility. Northern Ireland is best known as the home of Game of Thrones, but it’s also popular for British TV shows like crime drama The Fall, with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan.

Kinopravda films heel drama in Budapest and Barcelona for Yvein Monq

31 Aug 2015by Nick Goundry

Barcelona-based directing collective Kinopravda filmed in Barcelona and Budapest for a new promo for Hungarian electro composer Yvein Monq. TWUN features a series of women struggling to stay upright in flamboyant heels to Monq’s skittish music.

BBC filming new series of police drama Happy Valley in Yorkshire

28 Aug 2015by Nick Goundry

The BBC is filming a second of popular police drama Happy Valley on location in Yorkshire in northern England. Set in the Calder Valley, the series follows police officers faced with a possible serial killer.


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Fixers in France/Germany/Sweden/Netherlands

4 replies

1 Sep 2015 by Geoffrey Gedroyc

A hut/house covered in snow in September

5 replies

1 Sep 2015 by Michal Wojcikowski

SPAIN; Villa location needed for 3 week shoot.

12 replies

1 Sep 2015 by Per Henry ( PH ) Borch
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