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Fox 21 TV Studios finalises deal on lease for Dragon Studios in Wales

4 Sep 2015by Nick Goundry

American firm Fox 21 Television Studios has finalised a deal for a long-term lease of Dragon International Film Studios in Wales. Fox is already filming TV show The Bastard Executioner at the facility. Historical feature Ironclad is the only feature to have ever shot there.

Scotland announces new fund as national film and TV incentive

3 Sep 2015by Nick Goundry

Scotland has announced a new fund to encourage more film and TV productions to shoot on location north of the border. The country has attracted high-profile shoots like the historical romance Outlander, but the government is under pressure to do more to entice productions.

Michael Fassbender filming videogame movie Assassin’s Creed in Malta

3 Sep 2015by Nick Goundry

Michael Fassbender has started filming a long-awaited movie adaptation of the videogame franchise Assassin’s Creed in Malta. The production reunites Fassbender with director Justin Kurzel and co-star Marion Cotillard, all of whom worked together on the upcoming Macbeth.


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Fixers in France/Germany/Sweden/Netherlands

5 replies

4 Sep 2015 by Geoffrey Gedroyc

Colombo Fixer Required // FOUND. THANK YOU

4 replies

4 Sep 2015 by Olga Avrahova

SPAIN; Villa location needed for 3 week shoot.

14 replies

3 Sep 2015 by Per Henry ( PH ) Borch

Asian actor needed for a TVC

1 reply

3 Sep 2015 by Filip ZafranScoutingCroatia
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