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Rival US politicians film survival TV special on location in Marshall Islands

16 Sep 2014by Nick Goundry

Two rival US senators spent a week filming TV special Rival Survival in the Marshall Islands in the western Pacific Ocean. Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona, joined Martin Heinrich, a Democrat from New Mexico, for the Discovery Channel shoot on the uninhabited island of Eru.

Los Angeles could face fight to keep Late Late Show with James Corden

15 Sep 2014by Nick Goundry

California may have to fight to keep CBS chat programme The Late Late Show filming in Los Angeles when long-time host Craig Ferguson leaves later this year. British actor and performer James Corden has been named as Ferguson’s successor but a filming location hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Nevada state filming incentive defunded after less than a year

12 Sep 2014by Nick Goundry

Nevada has had its state filming incentive largely defunded less than a year after its launch. The money has been redirected to help fund a billion-dollar incentive package that will bring manufacturing giant Tesla to the state to build a Gigafactory battery plant in Reno.


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Fixer/Freelance producer/PM in Singapore

4 replies

16 Sep 2014 by tats shimada

location scout in Alaska

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15 Sep 2014 by BERNARD CORNUT


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15 Sep 2014 by TOMMY LEE

Crew request Hong Kong

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15 Sep 2014 by Maarten Wijsman

Producer / Fixer needed in Sao Paulo

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15 Sep 2014 by Maarten Wijsman

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