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BBC America uses British Columbia filming incentives for TV drama Intruders

21 Aug 2014by Nick Goundry

New BBC America TV drama Intruders shot on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, using the province’s filming incentives to double the city for Seattle. The series follows a secretive society that seeks refuge in the bodies of others as a way of pursuing immortality.

Meg Ryan creates California valley town in Virginia with Tom Hanks filming Ithaca

20 Aug 2014by Nick Goundry

Meg Ryan is doubling Virginia for California’s San Joaquin Valley filming for her family drama Ithaca. Ryan is directing and also starring with Tom Hanks. The feature is the latest high-profile production to come to Virginia following the Revolutionary War TV drama Turn.

Hollywood calls for expanded film studio facilities in South Africa as interest grows

20 Aug 2014by Nick Goundry

Hollywood has called on South Africa to expand the filming infrastructure in cities like Cape Town as interest grows in the country. Pirate drama Black Sails is among the high-profile productions currently filming in South Africa, from a base at Cape Town Film Studios.


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