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Slovenia to install 25% cash rebate incentive on filming

28 Sep 2016by Tom Deehan

After putting it to a vote last Friday, the Slovenian Government has agreed to go ahead with implementing a 25% cash rebate designed to stimulate the domestic film industry and entice foreign productions to film on location.


Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk scored USD1.2 million from Netherlands incentive

28 Sep 2016by Tom Deehan

After filming in the small Dutch town of Urk, Christopher Nolan’s upcoming war film Dunkirk was able to receive an incredible USD1.2 million from the country’s cash rebate programme.


Ukrainian Government signs 25% cash rebate into law

27 Sep 2016by Tom Deehan

The proposed legislation, ‘State Support of the Film Industry’ has finally been approved by Ukraine’s Government officials after being submitted in February of this year.



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