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Filming for new Power Rangers TV series set to boost New Zealand industry

29 Aug 2014by Nick Goundry

A new series of children’s superhero drama Power Rangers will return to film on location in Auckland and is set to boost the country’s TV industry. Power Rangers Dino Charge will be the highest-profile international TV series to film in New Zealand since the incentive programme was increased.

Warner Bros exec advocates stronger filming incentives for Texas

29 Aug 2014by Nick Goundry

A studio executive at Warner Bros has advocated a larger fund for the filming incentive programme in Texas. Michael Walbrecht is Entertainment Vice President at the studio and said making more money available would help boost the state’s profile in the US and attract larger shoots.

Netflix to film new crime miniseries Marseille on location in France

28 Aug 2014by Nick Goundry

Netflix will film its new crime miniseries Marseille entirely on location in France. The drama will tell the story of a long-serving Mayor fighting a vicious re-election campaign in a city ruled by drug lords and corruption. Paris-based Federation Entertainment will produce.


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