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BBC to film Second World War TV drama on location in Northern Ireland

22 May 2015by Nick Goundry

The BBC will film the Second World War TV drama My Mother And Other Strangers on location in Northern Ireland. Belfast is a popular filming location for UK TV productions and also hosts the huge international hit Game of Thrones.

Bristol reports steady production figures as UK TV films western England

22 May 2015by Nick Goundry

British TV shoots have kept location filming levels steady in Bristol, in the west of England. High-profile shows shot in the city in recent months have included a special period episode of the BBC’s international hit Sherlock.

Remake of The Crow to film partly at historic Coal Exchange in Cardiff

21 May 2015by Nick Goundry

Filming for the upcoming remake of cult 90s supernatural drama The Crow is set to happen partly on location at the Coal Exchange building in central Cardiff. The movie will be the largest production yet to be based at Pinewood Studio Cardiff.


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