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The Hunger Games series boosts tourism to Atlanta’s Swan House

24 Nov 2015by Tom Deehan

The number of tourists visiting Swan House in Atlanta has increased significantly since featuring in The Hunger Games film series. The house has featured in every film to date as the base of operations for the series’ main antagonist, Coriolanus Snow.


House of Fraser’s Your Christmas, Your Rules commercial filmed at Black Island Studios

24 Nov 2015by Tom Deehan

House of Fraser’s Christmas commercial, which does away with tradition in favour of a rebellious and cutting edge theme was filmed at Black Island Studios in London. Advertising agency 18 Feet and Rising are behind the campaign and post-production work was provided by Nice Biscuits.


Understanding how previsualisation got Spectre off the ground

23 Nov 2015by Tom Deehan

IO Entertainment, the sole previsualisation company to work on Spectre have made a press release detailing the experience of working on such a high profile project and how their expertise were utilised in the film’s pre-production stages.



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0 replies

25 Nov 2015 by Charlotte Kingston

Looking for a fixer in Cambodia and in Democratic Republic of Congo

11 replies


December, skyscrapers, 2 shooting days. URGENT)

3 replies

24 Nov 2015 by Katerina LobasFocus Films Moscow

Low budget tv project shooting in Mozambique and Johannesburg

5 replies

23 Nov 2015 by Yulia Smacheliuk

Russian speaking fixer needed in Köln/Dusseldorf (Germany)

1 reply

19 Nov 2015 by Daria Krechetova
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