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Fantasy movie sequel The Scorch Trials to film on location in New Mexico

24 Oct 2014by Nick Goundry

Fantasy movie The Scorch Trials is set to film on location in New Mexico through to January next year. The film is the follow-up to recent hit teen movie The Maze Runner and will follow a group of young adults struggling for survival on a future Earth ravaged by solar flares.

Harpoon Pictures films seaplanes and dozens of extras for Verizon Alaska shoot

24 Oct 2014by Nick Goundry

Harpoon Pictures filmed in Alaska for an epic new campaign promoting the arrival of internet service provider Verizon in the north-west US state. Arrival features engineers making the journey to a lakeside Alaskan home by land, air and water to deliver their service.

Pittsburgh to open new film studio

24 Oct 2014by Nick Goundry

Island Studios in Pittsburgh is developing a new movie studio. The complex will be Pennsylvania’s first purpose-built filming facility, offering a 75,000-square-foot soundproofed stage and accompanying office space. High-profile productions shot in the city in recent years include Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises.


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Looking for Finnish sauna ***ALREADY SOLVED***

6 replies

23 Oct 2014 by Daniel AlvarezDaniel Alvarez

Need 3 markets (European, Indian and Arabian)

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18 Oct 2014 by Katya MaslyaevaPSB Films


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17 Oct 2014 by BERNARD CORNUT

Need 3 markets (European, Indian and Arabian)

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17 Oct 2014 by Katya MaslyaevaPSB Films

Colombian Fixer

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15 Oct 2014 by Crispin Green
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