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Ghost in the Shell adaptation begins filming on location in New Zealand

12 Feb 2016by Tom Deehan

The upcoming live action adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series, Ghost in the Shell has started filming on location in Wellington, New Zealand. The project will star Scarlett Johansson as the lead protagonist Motoko Kusanagi, with Michael Pitt having just been cast as the series’ iconic villain The Laughing Man.


Yorkshire film industry to receive large investment from National Lottery funds in BFI initiative

11 Feb 2016by Tom Deehan

Via funding that has accumulated from the National Lottery, the British Film Institute (BFI) has decided to award the Yorkshire Screen Industries Hub with a payout of GBP127,000.


The Ink Factory goes global for filming BBC’s The Night Manager

11 Feb 2016by Tom Deehan

In conjunction with production company The Ink Factory and AMC, the BBC’s upcoming drama The Night Manager was filmed in multiple locations around the globe, including Zermatt, London, Majorca and Morocco.



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