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The Ink Factory goes global for filming BBC’s The Night Manager

11 Feb 2016by Tom Deehan

In conjunction with production company The Ink Factory and AMC, the BBC’s upcoming drama The Night Manager was filmed in multiple locations around the globe, including Zermatt, London, Majorca and Morocco.


Ocean Films shoots Rio de Janeiro for Pokémon’s Super Bowl spot

9 Feb 2016by Tom Deehan

As was to be expected, the 2016 Super Bowl brought with it a slew of commercials that featured a variety of advertising concepts including talking skittles and singing sheep. Included in the mix was a spot for the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, shot by production service company Ocean Films on location in Rio de Janeiro.


The future looks bright for Newcastle’s film industry

8 Feb 2016by Tom Deehan

Located in the north-east of England, Newcastle may seem like an unassuming destination for location filming but in recent years the city has become an attractive area particularly for television shows. Recent productions include the upcoming ITV adaptation of Beowulf and detective series Vera.



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