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Spain prepares generous filming incentive to boost international appeal

4 Mar 2015by Nick Goundry

Authorities in Spain are preparing to launch a new, simplified filming incentive programme designed to boost the country’s international appeal. Ridley Scott recently filmed Exodus: Gods and Kings in Andalucia and Spain plans to attract more shoots on a similar scale.

Massachusetts becomes latest US state to propose defunding filming incentive

4 Mar 2015by Nick Goundry

The Governor of Massachusetts has proposed cutting his state’s filming incentive to free up funds for other sectors of the economy. Massachusetts has hosted movies like The Fighter and American Hustle, but its 25% filming incentive is one of several in the US facing an uncertain future.

BBC dramas Luther and The Dresser start filming in London

4 Mar 2015by Nick Goundry

The BBC has started filming in London for a new two-part special of the hit crime thriller Luther, while its period drama The Dresser is also shooting in the city. Idris Elba returns to the role of DCI John Luther, while The Dresser stars Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen.


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