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BBC Worldwide to film new docudrama on Svalbard in Arctic Circle

13 Oct 2015by The Location Guide

A new docudrama series likened in tone to Fortitude has been commissioned by BBC Worldwide to shoot on Svalbard in the Arctic Circle. The Norwegian archipelago is one of the world’s northernmost inhabited regions and is home to a small expat community.

BBC period drama Poldark helps boost film tourism in Cornwall

12 Oct 2015by The Location Guide

The BBC’s period drama Poldark, set in late 18th century Cornwall, helped boost film tourism in the region over the summer. A full 25% of people visiting the south-western county were inspired to do so partly by the TV series, according to a report from Visit Cornwall.

Horror movie Vessels to film onboard ship The Queen Mary in California

9 Oct 2015by The Location Guide

New horror film Vessels is set to become the first feature to shoot on famous cruise ship The Queen Mary. The story is inspired by tales of ghosts haunting the liner, which has been permanently moored in Long Beach, California, since being retired in the late 1960s.


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Tour Eiffel image usage

3 replies

13 Oct 2015 by Edoardo RossiCrossWind Advertising

Looking for Fixer in different specific areas, Southamerica.

6 replies

13 Oct 2015 by Daniel Ortiz-EntrambasaguasDanidogfilms

fixer in far east russia

3 replies

13 Oct 2015 by Brian Sides

Production service request in Croatia or Greece.

4 replies

12 Oct 2015 by Nikolai MihailišinMünchhausen Productions
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