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Thai film companies come together to form new studio targeting Chinese market

27 Aug 2014by Nick Goundry

Four separate film companies in Thailand have come together to form a new studio that aims to boost the country’s production industry and expand its influence in China. Transformation Film has USD5.5 million in registered capital and plans to release up to six movies a year.

British crime film The Sweeney to be remade in Paris with Jean Reno

27 Aug 2014by Nick Goundry

Nick Love’s 2012 British crime drama The Sweeney will be remade on location in Paris as The Squad with Jean Reno. The original was based on the classic British TV drama of the same name and starred Ray Winstone and Ben Drew. Filming for the remake is scheduled for October this year.

Tom Cruise films scenes for Mission Impossible 5 on location in Vienna

27 Aug 2014by Nick Goundry

Tom Cruise has spent the past few days in the Austrian capital Vienna filming scenes for the new Mission: Impossible movie. The film is set to continue the action franchise’s impressive stunt work, which last included high-rise work on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


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