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Texas Film Commission officially certifies Corpus Christi as a film friendly location

7 Dec 2016by Tom Deehan

After receiving confirmation in September 2015 from the Texas Film Commission, Corpus Christi has now been certified as an official film friendly location.


New independent film studio on the way for Savannah, Georgia

6 Dec 2016by Tom Deehan

Savannah-based entrepreneur Rodney Dickey has unveiled plans to establish a new film studio in the Georgian city. Entitled River Oaks Film Studios, the company will take over the warehouse at 198 Gulfstream Road, renovating the premises to accommodate large scale productions.


Papillon remake starring Charlie Hunnam wraps filming in Malta

5 Dec 2016by Tom Deehan

A remake of the classic 1973 drama Papillon starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman, has wrapped filming on location in Malta. The new adaptation will star Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim) alongside Rami Malek (Mr Robot), taking over the roles of McQueen and Hoffman respectively.



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7 Dec 2016 by Mika Brzezinka

Fixers in Tokyo & Hong Kong

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6 Dec 2016 by Emiliano Alvarenga

Worldwide fixers needed

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5 Dec 2016 by Meg Barnard

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