JJ Abrams TV show Revolution starts location filming work in North Carolina

New TV show Revolution, which involves Lost co-creator JJ Abrams, is starting work on location in Wilmington, North Carolina. North Carolina provided locations for The Hunger Games’ dystopian setting and Iron Man 3 is based at EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

Revolution is a dystopian drama set 15 years after all the Earth’s electrical power has failed, forcing society to adapt to a new world without modern technology. The plot demands locations that look like they’re being reclaimed by nature.

Filming for the show’s pilot actually took place in Atlanta, Georgia, where TV network NBC already has hit series Vampire Diaries is already based, but they decided to relocate Revolution to North Carolina for the full series. Speaking to Star News, Peter Roth, President of Warner Brothers Television, refers to unspecified “limitations” of filming Atlanta, but says the locations were the main appeal of Wilmington.

He observes: “There’s not a lot of difference between [Georgia and North Carolina]. They’re both very attractive states to shoot in … Mostly it was about the locations. We’ve got long-term opportunities to create a different world more effectively [in Wilmington].”

Everyone is tripping over themselves excited about the potential of what Wilmington will offer for the show.

Eric Kripke, Series Creator

Eric Kripke is Series Creator and also spoke to the outlet: “Just in the episode 102 after the pilot alone, we found an entire abandoned train and train tracks all overgrown with vines. We found a cement factory that was the same. Everyone is tripping over themselves excited about the potential of what Wilmington will offer for the show.”

Plans are also being floated to develop a new film studio facility on the site of an old shopping centre in Charlotte to boost North Carolina’s national competitiveness.

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