New TV pirate drama Crossbones to film on location in Puerto Rico

New pirate TV drama Crossbones will film on location in Puerto Rico in the north-eastern Caribbean. The NBC production will star John Malkovich as infamous 18th Century pirate Blackbeard and will spend millions locally.

Crossbones is the most comprehensive TV production ever filmed in Puerto Rico in terms of its economic impact for the local economy: USD29.4 million and the creation of over 1,500 jobs in a five-month period,” explained Demetrio Fernandez, executive director of the Puerto Rico Film Commission.

“The main set is located on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico within the premises of the former Roosevelt Roads Naval Station. Other locations for Crossbones include Fajardo and Luquillo, two towns at the northeastern coast, in addition to the historical city of old San Juan – the second oldest Spanish city of the Americas.”

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated US territory, meaning it is bound by US federal law and uses the US dollar. It also has a 20% filming tax credit accessible for non-residents. As a result, it’s a convenient Caribbean filming location and in recent years it has been used by productions like the Fast & Furious franchise, Homeland and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The main set is located on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico within the premises of the former Roosevelt Roads Naval Station.

Demetrio Fernandez, Puerto Rico Film Commission

Crossbones is not the only pirate TV drama in production. Black Sails has been made as a prequel to Treasure Island and tells the story of the life of Captain Flint. The show filmed at Cape Town Film Studios and has already been commissioned for a second series, despite not making its broadcast debut until 2014.

Disney is also working on a fifth instalment of its hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, although the film won’t see cinemas until at least 2016.

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