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The Location Guide's global directory has been designed to allow you to access the contacts you need for your chosen filming location. We know that the quality of this information is essential to you so our data is regularly updated. We are also constantly looking for new contacts so you don't have to.

Our directory now includes a Film Friendly Locations category. This section lists locations that actively encourage productions to use them for filming so permission to shoot is immediate. Apart from being great visually for directors, they also benefit producers logistically and economically by having ancillary facilities and services that help production such as parking, catering and dining facilities, spare rooms for props or wardrobe storage and ample toilet facilities. Browse our film friendly locations here and save your next production time and money.

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With your search results, you will see that each company result includes a series of letters. These indicate which type of production the company specialises in so you can quickly find the most suitable contact for your production.

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