Written by David Lewis on Jan 25, 2007. Posted in Incentive News

Iceland Lures Hollywood Stars with New 14% Reimbursement Programme

With its stunning scenery, surprisingly mild climate, and a new 14% reimbursement programme for all filming expenses, Iceland is attracting major movie productions.

The country has always been popular with Hollywood directors for its unique landscape, mild weather, and seasoned production crews. Now the producers will be just as happy, with a new incentive from the Icelandic government that reimburses 14% of all production expenses.

In the recent past, Iceland has been the backdrop for films like Flags of our Fathers, Die Another Day and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. These productions benefited from Iceland’s favorable tax codes and European distribution, but the Film in Iceland Agency, working with the Invest in Iceland Agency and the Icelandic government, is hoping that increasing the reimbursement of all expenses to 14% will generate even more movie magic.

The Film in Iceland Agency hosts an informative web site at www.filminiceland.com. They offer a downloadable brochure featuring some of the benefits and featured stills from films shot in Iceland.

Einar Tomasson, Film Commissioner, Film in Iceland
T: 354 561 5200
E: einar@invest.is
W: www.filminiceland.com

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