Written by David Lewis on Apr 13, 2007. Posted in Incentive News

Norway to introduce trial subsidy scheme

Starting in 2008, Norway will introduce a trial scheme of subsidies for foreign film productions in Norway. The subsidy will be calculated on the basis of documented costs incurred in Norway, and will amount to 15 per cent of these costs. Feature films and television productions will be entitled to subsidies. Projects will be assessed on the basis of artistic/cultural criteria. The production must contribute to the promotion of Norwegian culture, history and nature. The subsidy will be conditional on a separate company being established in Norway for the individual production. Subsidies can only be granted to independent productions and approval must be applied for in advance.

Norway aims to join the Council of Europe’s European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production. Ratification will take place in 2008, after the Norwegian rules have been somewhat modified. Norway also aims to increase funding for co-productions with foreign countries.

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