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Samsung ad uses Riviera Studios (SFP group) at the Victorine in Nice

The South of France may be best-known for industry events such as the Cannes Film Festival, but it also has a rich film production culture backed up by supportive local authorities and largely English-speaking crews.

Riviera Studios (SFP group) at the Victorine in Nice is re-building its reputation as a production centre. Recent major projects using the studios’ facilities have included TV show Cinq Soeurs and the soundtrack for acclaimed Harry Selick animation Coraline.

In addition, US feature production Five Killers last year became the first project at the studios to benefit from a 20% rebate recently made available by Film France. TV shows and films made for theatrical or TV release that positively reflect French culture and cost at least €1 million will get a rebate of up to €4 million.

Dana Theveneau, director of development at the studios, described the incentive as “a major breakthrough for France”. It could result in more productions filming in the studios and using them as a base to travel to places in and around Nice that can “easily” stand in for a range of global locations.

Kanzaman Productions recently used the studios as a base while it shot an advert for Samsung in and around Nice. Frederic Bovis, of Kanzaman, explained the appeal of Victorine: “[It] is a real studio with offices and stages - the biggest one of which is 1,000 square metres - a restaurant, paint shop and carpenter shop.”

He added it also has good parking facilities.

A crew of 138 people shot the commercial, which shows young men watching an exciting cycle race through Nice on a Samsung LED TV. The shoot took place in a number of locations in the city such as Place Garibaldi and Boulevard de l’Observatoire, as well as in the Victorine Studios.

Mr Bovis echoed comments from Ms Theveneau: “Nice is a good location, it’s inexpensive and has a good transport infrastructure.”

Client: Samsung
Agency: Leo Burnett
Production Company: Great Guns
Production Service Company: Kanzaman Productions
Producer (France): Frederic Bovis

Creative Director: Bob Price
Director: Paul Shearer
Director of Photography: Ben Davis

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