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Nasuba Express ad shoots with Usain Bolt in Jamaica

Jamaica’s profile has risen recently as a result of superstar sprinter Usain Bolt’s stunning success at the Beijing Olympics. To capitalise on this, Nasuba Express have used the track star in their latest spot filmed in and around Kingston.

Frank Tapiro, chief executive officer of agency Hemisphere Droit that created the advert, said: “We wanted to shoot in Africa or Jamaica, but Usain wanted to shoot in his country.”

The commercial shows the record-breaking sprinter racing through town to collect money and shopping for his mum, only to be told that Nasuba Express could have arranged everything even faster.

Bandit Films and Outsider produced the commercial, which had Bolt for two days. Erwan Collas, a line producer for Outsider, said doubles were used for long shots showing the sprinter running through town.

Maxine Walters, of Maxine Walters Productions, said: “I usually use a police escort in Kingston if there are a lot of location moves and there’s a need to move around the city rapidly.”

Production teams need a permit from the Jamaican Film Commission and Ms Walters advises allowing at least ten days for this. She added: “Permits are needed from the police and Ministry of Transport to block streets.”

She added that there are no financial incentives, but companies can apply to have their 17.5% general consumption tax waived.

Mr Collas explained the production flew in equipment from Europe and Miami for the shoot, due to more limited technical resources in Jamaica itself.

Client: Nasuba Express
Agency: Hemisphere Droit
Production Company: Bandit Productions/Outsider
Production Service Company: Maxine Walters Productions
Agency Producer: Sylvie Pierre
Creative Directors: Frank Tapiro, Christophe Lafont
Director: Pedro Romhanyi

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