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Coca-Cola advert doubles Jacarepagua in Brazil for Africa

A new commercial for Coca-Cola has filmed outside a quarry in Jacarepagua, near the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Tour da Taca shows a Coca-Cola lorry being stopped at a checkpoint in an anonymous African country and two guards having a brief party when they discover the FIFA World Cup trophy inside.

South Africa was considered as a shoot location, but Coca-Cola was won over by the visuals available at Jacarepagua and because of a desire to avoid South Africa’s rainy winter. Irma "Jimmy" Palma, Executive Producer for interactive and international advertising market departments at BossaNovaFilms, said: “The location was chosen because it looks like it could be anywhere, a remote place but surrounded by amazing mountains making a really special background.”

Jacarepagua is an hour’s drive from Rio. The production got a permit from the quarry administration and spent three weeks setting up the checkpoint. The project’s Director said: “We had to recreate a real frontier with buildings, fences, light poles, plants, water tanks and chickens, as well as paving the road. The road we did with a paving company over four days.”

Having chosen Brazil to avoid rain in South Africa, the set then fell victim to storm damage hours before the shoot was due to start. The Director added: “We had to work day and night to have all the repairs done for the shoot.”

The production cast local actors as checkpoint guards and the drivers of the Coca-Cola lorry. Shooting lasted three days, after which the production was obliged to take apart the 1.5km of road it had paved.

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Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Santo
Production Company: Hachiko Films, Buenos Aires
Production Services Company: BossaNovaFilms, Sao Paulo
Producer for Agency: Ezequiel Ortiz
Producer for Hachiko Films: Andra Papini
Executive Producer for Hachiko Films: Andrea Percivali
Executive Producer for BossaNovaFilms: Anna Martinez

Creative Directors: Sebastian Whilelm, Maximiliano Anselmo, Pablo Minces
Directors: Claudio Prestia and Maureen Hufnagel
Director of Photography: Jan Velicky

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