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Five Alive shoots new dodo ad in Thailand

Paradise Beach in Koh Lanta, Thailand, has been used as the setting for the latest commercial from fruit juice drink Five Alive.

Five Alive Dodo shows boxes of the drink washed up on a desert island. The drink leaks into the sand and an apparently extinct dodo emerges and sings Don Fardon's I'm Alive.

Russell McLean, a Producer for Passion Pictures, said: “We were looking for a south or south-west-facing tropical beach with no people, boats or buildings. We started looking in Dominican Republic, then the Bahamas, then Mauritius and finally switched to Thailand at the last minute after some really bad Mauritius location pictures came through.”

The project shot with a small crew, which made it easier to get a permit from Thailand National Parks. Mr McLean said the biggest issue was actually the weather: “We were hoping to shoot at sunrise and sunset, but we hardly saw any sun for the whole of the time we were there.”

He added that local wildlife also proved a distraction as monkeys kept stealing the Five Alive packs the crew were trying to film on the beach. Nevertheless, the beach was suitably secluded and equipment was trucked from Bangkok without any problems.

Click here to view the ad.

Client: Five Alive
Agency: VCCP
Production Company: Passion Pictures
Producer: Russell McLean
Creative Directors: Steve Vranakis, Darren Bailes

Creatives: Nik Stewart, Jonny Parker
Director: Darren Walsh
Director of Photography: Olivier Cariou

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