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Cartier doubles Buenos Aires for Paris

Global jewellery brand Cartier has used Buenos Aires to double for Paris in a new spot scheduled for release in early May. The spot tells a story of a stylish gentleman slipping past security at an official dinner before meeting a glamorous woman and escaping with an expensive piece of jewellery.

Sylvaine Mella, a Producer with Stink, said: “We wanted a Paris feel but Paris can be very cold in March when we were shooting. Buenos Aires is very filmic and very cinematographic, but it was also a question of the weather.”

Extensive scouting took place before the shoot began. Rob Chiu, the director, said: “A week of scouting before the shoot presented 100 different locations and then we made the final choice.” The production gained shooting permits and filmed in the French part of the city, shooting at night for part of it. The crew filmed using a Red camera. Mr Chiu added: “I like the Red. It has a seamless workflow and also it suits a more restrictive budget.”

Part of the advert, when the characters make their escape from the dinner, was filmed from a first-person perspective using an SI-2K, otherwise known as a Silicon Camera. This works by attaching the camera lens to a helmet worn by the actor or operator and then the image is fed into a hard drive positioned next to them.

Client: Cartier
Agency: Publicis Net
Production Company: Stink
Producer: Sylvaine Mella
Production Service Company: Pioneer Productions, Buenos Aires
Executive Producers: Flora Fernandez Marengo, Mechi Bidondo

Director: Rob Chiu
Director of Photography: Paul O’Callaghan

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