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Husky Rescue films music video in Finnish forest

A music video for Finnish band Husky Rescue has been filmed in the forest region of Sipoo, near Helsinki in Finland. They Are Coming follows a young couple as they encounter a strange alien light on a forest road in the middle of the night and they attempt to escape it. Hanna Mutanen, Managing Director of and Executive Producer with Grillifilms, said: “Director Pete Riski liked the location because the road and big trees formed a perfect surrounding for this gloomy story.”

The video is presented as a continuous single shot lasting nearly five minutes as the couple run away from the light and hide briefly in a roadside caravan before running again. Despite appearances there are actually three secret cuts in the final spot. Daniel Kuitunen, a Producer with Grillifilms, said: “Because the video was done in three takes, the location had quite a few technical needs to it in terms of distances and it needed to have a smaller road next to it where we could put the (caravan) trailer in.”

A Canon 5D was used as it offers good light sensitivity and mobility. Key lighting was provided using an Airstar system that was rigged to a GF-8 crane. This in turn was mounted on a vehicle so it could be kept mobile as the actors moved. The bright light representing the alien presence was actually a 1.2 HMI that was mounted on the same crane.

In a bid to do most of the lighting effects in-camera, the crew also used a special flare box mounted on the camera itself. This involved attaching Maglight torches to a small rig on the front of the camera and a control box provided the operation.

As a lower budget project the production couldn’t afford to completely shut down the forest road it was filming on. Mr Kuitunen added: “The road was closed during the takes and traffic was released between takes. If we would have had a little more in the budget we would have closed the road totally.”

Brand: Husky Rescue
Recording Company: Catskills Records, Sony Music Finland
Producer: Daniel Kuitunen
Production Company: Grillifilms

Director of Photography: Jean-Noel Mustonen
Director: Pete Riski

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