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Forst beer ad shoots in Alto Adige, northern Italy

Milan-based Kite Film has shot a new commercial for Forst beer in sub-zero conditions in Alto Adige, a German-speaking region of northern Italy where the beer originates. The commercial shows a group of tiny-legged beer glasses filled with Forst making their way through the snow drifts and freezing streams of the region.

Barbara Aperio Bella, a Producer with Kite Film, said: “We filmed in Alto Adige because the area has great mountain ranges and is good for snow and frost. We worked with a great crew and used an antique beer carriage dating from 1900 that the client provided.”

The crew faced temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius throughout the shoot. They took it in turns warming up in heated tents with hot drinks, while the camera equipment was wrapped in warm blankets to protect it from the biting cold.

Paolo Sassi, a Producer with Shoot in the Alps, said: “We were asked to scout around the Dolomites and look for locations that were close together in order to minimise travel issues. Every piece of land is owned so we had to get permission from several different people. We sprinkled the roads with grit and sourced electricity from a nearby small power station.”

Giandomenico Puglisi, Executive Creative Director at Cayenne Milano, explained that the Dolomites mountain range was important. As an instantly recognisable natural feature in the Italian Alps, the location is intended to be instantly clear.

He said: “This is an amazing area with many kinds of landscapes, good food and nice people. Remember Alto Adige is the German-language area of Italy. The people there are Italian but their culture, their language and their feeling are totally German.”

Click here to view the ad.

Client: Forst
Agency: Cayenne Italia, Milan
Creative Directors: Giandomenico Puglisi, Stefano Tumiatti
Production Company: Kite Film
Producer: Barbara Aperio Bella
Production Service Company: Shoot in the Alps
Producer: Paulo Sassi
Director: Adam Hashemi
Directors of Photography: Mario Chiarello, Luca Esposito

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