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Transformers 3 to shoot in Milwaukee Art Museum

Transformers 3 will spend a day shooting in the Milwaukee Art Museum in mid-July, as it seems the location caught Michael Bay’s eye, reports the Associated Press.

Dave Fantle, Board President of Film Wisconsin, told the news agency: “You really need something that is one of a kind where a Producer or Director says, ‘I can’t get this anywhere else or I can’t replicate this in a sound stage in Hollywood’ and that was the case with the art museum.”

Wisconsin recently scaled back a state-wide incentive scheme. Michael Mann’s Public Enemies received back almost as much money in rebates as it brought to the state in revenue. This prompted a restructuring of the scheme and Transformers 3 will not qualify for the new grant programme.

Milwaukee, however, is happy to get the media exposure that the film will bring. Dan Keegan, Director of the Art Museum, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “We’re really excited to showcase the Art Museum in what will be one of the most anticipated blockbuster films for next summer.”

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