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Prague snowstorm convinces Comcast to film ad in NZ

American cable service provider Comcast has filmed its latest commercial in New Zealand after a severe snowstorm struck Prague, where it originally intended to shoot. Field shows an army of Comcast employees carrying high-definition TVs on a grassy field. They face off against the opposing army of an anonymous satellite provider.

Cathleen Kisich, a Producer with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, said: “We had originally decided to film in Prague, opting for a wintery/morning light look to the spot. We unfortunately landed in Prague to the worst snowstorm in 25 years. The whole city was blanketed in a thick snow.”

The production spent three days deciding on the best course of action before choosing to relocate to Houghton’s Farm near Auckland in New Zealand. Having avoided the Czech snow, the cast (all recruited locally) and crew was nevertheless subject to strong winds, as well as flies and cow dung littered across the field.

Ms Kisich said: “We were armed with bug spray and sunscreen and tried to keep tents secured down around us, but in the end everyone had to sort of “suck it up” because we liked the results we were seeing through the monitors.”

Click here to view the ad.

Client: Comcast
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Producer: Cathleen Kisich
Creative Director: Jamie Barrett
Creatives: Paul Charney; Stefan Copiz
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Production Service Company (NZ): Cherokee Films
Director: Tim Godsall

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