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Camelot shoots EuroMillions ad in Australia

Camelot has filmed its new EuroMillions commercial in Brisbane and Cairns, Australia. Paintball shows a lottery winner spending his money on the ultimate game of paintball. He takes his friends to a remote island by jet skis and helicopters in an elaborate war movie parody.

The production considered shooting in Thailand but this part of the world carried a greater weather risk. Australia also offered better access to helicopters, while the crew was happier with safety issues there. Claire Best, Account Director for Camelot at AMV BBDO, said: “We were looking for a generic, Mission: Impossible style location that looked remote and yet was inviting as a place where a lottery winner would want to go.”

Despite the spot’s remote setting, the jungle scenes themselves were in fact filmed near Brisbane. Richard Ulfvengren, Production Co-Producer, said: “The jungle was just outside Brisbane and very easy to access by car and for all our equipment. The approach to the island was shot from a boat and then we shot the helicopter on our way back from the island to cut down the helicopter hours.”

A group of experienced Australian jet skiers were used for the opening scenes but there was only ever one helicopter, with the rest added digitally. In addition, scenes showing people roping down from the helicopter were filmed against a green screen. Mr Ulfvengren added: “It looked great and believable in the end. For the jet skis we used some of the best guys around in Australia. They were very tired in the end!”

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Client: Camelot
Agency: AMV BBDO
Art Director: Antony Nelson
Copywriter: Mike Sutherland
Production Company: Traktor
Production Co-Producer: Richard Ulfvengren

Production Service Company: Curious Film
Producer/Director: Traktor

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