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Dodge doubles California ranches for New England

American vehicle manufacturer Dodge has doubled two California ranches for New England in a new commercial for its Challenger car. Freedom shows a unit of 18th Century British troops with muskets being charged by American colonialists driving Challenger vehicles.

The production considered various locations around Los Angeles but settled on Morehart Ranch and Alapai Ranch in Frazier Park. Maggie Entwhistle, with Wieden & Kennedy, said: “We filmed at Frazier Park, about an hour and a half outside Los Angeles. We felt that this location best captured the feeling of New England but made it easy for the crew to get to.”

Weather turned out to be the biggest challenge faced by the production during the two-day shoot. Rick Jarjoura, a Producer with Biscuit Filmworks, said: “On day two we arrived and our field and forest was covered in about three inches of snow. We removed as much as we could from the forest and shot those scenes first. The snow finally melted by about midday. We went late but got everything.”

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Client: Dodge
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Creative Directors: Aaron Allen, Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman, Joe Staples
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Producer: Rick Jarjoura

Director: Steve Rogers
Director of Photography: Mandy Walker

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