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Nivea Sun ad doubles Mallorca for Caribbean

German-owned body-care brand Nivea Sun has filmed its latest commercial on a beach in Mallorca, doubling for the Caribbean. Uwe Paris, an Executive Producer with Orange-Valley Productions in Mallorca, explained that the island is a popular Caribbean double as it offers similar conditions but is logistically easier due to its European locale.

Mr Paris said: “In my experience I would say that cost, time and logistical issues are the main reasons for European clients doubling Mallorca for the Caribbean. Here they also find all European crew and cast. Another important part is the trust and the good relationship with a good production service company, especially for casting, locations and art departments.”

Holger Siegle, a Producer with E+P Commercial Hamburg, agreed that a European shoot was considered easier: “We thought about Turkey. We also considered Gran Canaria but decided it would be too windy there. We settled on Mallorca for the two-day shoot and we really liked the Spanish mentality. They also offer great food!”

The spot was actually filmed on Playa de Muro and the biggest change made to the location itself was the addition of several fake palm trees to complete the Caribbean feel. The crew shut down part of the beach for the duration of the shoot. Mr Paris added: “The hardest work was actually keeping all the curious people away from the trees!”

Client: Beiersdorf - Nivea Sun
Agency: TBWA
Production Company: E+P Commercial Hamburg
Producers: Sven Franzen, Holger Siegle

Production Service Company: Orange-Valley Productions
Producer: Uwe Paris
Director: Tim Keul
Director of Photography: Jens Maasboel

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