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Ubisoft shoots in Downtown LA

Computer game developer Ubisoft has filmed a new commercial for game Shaun White Skateboarding in Downtown Los Angeles. Transformation shows skateboarders performing trick shots through the city, with ramps, steps and other obstacles springing up around them.

The shoot lasted three days and they filmed in Los Angeles as the schedule was tight and they wanted to minimise the risk of rainfall. Karinja, one of the Directors, said: “The film was shot all over Downtown LA and for us it just made sense. Downtown provided a great backdrop for the city to transform and come to life. The city had the large variety of locations we were after and made practical sense for our tight shooting schedule, not to mention it’s a Mecca for skating.”

Los Angeles has a reputation for not being very skater-friendly and this was reaffirmed as the production filmed. Most locations they tried to film had problems with the skater content and shots often had to be taken simply when the opportunity arose.

They ended up avoiding public places to minimise problems. Jackon, Karinja’s directing partner, said: “We did make it a point to focus on privately-owned locations to avoid the city-versus-skater conflict which came up time and time again.”

Art-designed ramps were used for some of the tricks, while other scenes involved ramps that were entirely removed in post-production. In other sequences the effects were created entirely in post. Karinja added: “We worked with incredible people that kicked ass and took names, and we all did whatever it took to get it done. Nothing better than that and we can’t thank them all enough.”

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Client: Ubisoft
Agency: Cutwater
Creative Director: Chuck McBride
Agency Producer: Mai Huynh
Production Company: Rabbit
Line Producer: Gian Colombo

Executive Producers: Douglas Howell, Joby Barnhart
Directors/DoPs: +jacksonkarinja

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