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BSkyB shoots cricket ads in Barbados

British satellite broadcasting company BSkyB has filmed a new spot in Barbados to promote the World Twenty20 West Indies 2010 cricket competition. The spot shows ordinary Barbadians running to a bar to watch the games on TV as cricket balls rain down around them.

The production spent three days filming in Barbados, mostly around the fishing villages of Speightstown and Oistins. Everything went smoothly until the crew sought permission to film in the bar that appears in the spot’s final scenes. The bar owner gave permission for construction and painting but was then challenged by his customers who argued they had part-ownership and needed to be consulted too.

Ellen Hoch-Kramer, of The Caribbean, said: “A lot of shouting went on until we calmed them by using their guys to help with the building and painting and we promised that we would contribute financially to further renovations. The next day everybody came by to tell their side of the story, until rounds of rum for everybody cheered the situation.”

Locations are normally secured by The Caribbean free of charge using all-inclusive permits from the Government that facilitate shooting on public property. That said, Ms Hoch-Kramer commented that donations of up to USD1,000 are often paid for the use of locations.

Production in Barbados has progressed significantly within the past few years and most of the crew recruited for BSkyB were hired locally. Ms Hoch-Kramer added: “Most of [the crew] had been trained in Canada, the UK and the US. Most of the equipment is available on the island as well. People in Government and regular citizens are aware of the importance of productions for the marketing and income of foreign currency for the island, so they are helpful.”

Client: BSkyB
Producer for BSkyB: Jon Hinton
Production Service Company: Caribbean Film & Photo Production Service
Production Manager/Locations: Ellen Hoch-Kramer

Production Assistant: Kerri Birch
Directors: Jacques Salmon, Ed Malin
Director of Photography: Tony May

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