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Mission: Impossible 4 prepares for location shoots in Prague and Dubai

The new Mission: Impossible sequel is preparing for location shooting in Prague and Dubai. The production will receive a cash rebate of around USD3.2 million for filming in the Czech capital and is being serviced by Stillking Films.

Ludmila Claussova, of the Czech Film Commission, said: “The film will be in Prague for about three weeks, followed by another three weeks in Dubai. Both cities will involve location shooting with no studio work. After that they move to Vancouver – their main production base – for the studio work.”

The Dubai Media Office said: “Preparations for filming in Dubai have been agreed with the production company, Paramount, following two months of meetings and location scouting.”

Dubai offers no formal filming incentives, which has resulted in several high-profile projects relocating elsewhere in recent years. The A Team was one such production, which chose to film entirely in British Columbia instead.

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