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Mathieu Kassovitz filming hostage drama on location in French Polynesia

Mathieu Kassovitz is currently filming a new feature on location in French Polynesia. L’Ordre et la Morale (Rebellion) is based on the true story of a tense hostage stand-off that took place in New Caledonia in 1988 between French troops and local Kanak commandos. Kassovitz co-writes, directs and stars.

The project has completed filming on the island of Anaa and will be shooting in Tahiti until October 12th. The South Pacific island has been chosen to double for New Caledonia as it offers better filmmaking resources and security.

Accommodating a crew of 300 on Anaa proved a challenge, especially as the island has a permanent population of just 460. Marie Eve Tefaatau, of Pacific Production, said: “There is not enough water and hotels for 300 more so we had to build a small town to accommodate 300 more people during four weeks. We also had to bring to this island in the middle of the Pacific 20 big military trucks and jeeps, a helicopter and so much material for the constructions. We had to build restrooms, showers, a restaurant and so many other things.”

Military equipment has been flown to Tahiti from France and then shipped to the smaller islands using Government boats. Anaa’s main dock had to be rebuilt as it was destroyed in the last tropical storm to affect the region.

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