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MTV EXIT Foundation shoots music promotion in Hong Kong

MTV EXIT Foundation has filmed a new music promotion in Hong Kong as part of its continuing campaign to highlight the issue of human trafficking. The latest spot is set to music track MK Ultra by Muse. It shows a young boy being forced to work in a sweat shop, while two women are sold into prostitution and domestic labour.

The production considered filming in Vietnam and on Mainland China, but chose Hong Kong as it was easier to find English-speaking crew and high-quality services. Simon Goff, of The MTV EXIT Foundation, said: “The selection of Hong Kong was great from a campaign perspective as it allowed for us to show trafficking as a pan-Asian issue from one location.”

A small, eight-person crew was used for the shoot in order to stay fluid and everything was shot on the Canon 5D. There were a few rain delays, but an extensive period of pre-production meant all the necessary footage was captured.

Dejan Rasic, of Colman Rasic, said: “The strategic focus of the campaign was Asia. Hong Kong was the perfect choice for this idea because it offers such a diverse range of locations. We needed various and quite specific locations to bring this concept to life - everything from a remote village to a bustling urban city. Hong Kong provided this all within close proximity.”

He added that preparing for all eventualities was a big help. Also, having good actors was a bonus as it meant only a few takes were needed for each scene. This was particularly helpful when some of the inner-city locations were only available for five or ten minutes at a time.

Carson Ng, of ASAP Production in Hong Kong, said: “Hong Kong is a very film-friendly city and you can get permits from the Hong Kong Film Services Office in only about 48 hours. Shooting in October and November is actually the best time of year as the temperatures aren’t too extreme and there’s lots of sun too.”

Click here to view the film.

Client: MTV EXIT Foundation
Agency: Colman Rasic, Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Dejan Rasic
Production Company: Colman Rasic, Sydney
Executive Producer: Alistair Stephen

Production Service Company: ASAP Production, Hong Kong
Servicing Producer: Carson Ng
Location Manager: Thomas Yuen
Director: Colman Rasic

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