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Gazprom shoots action commercial in Prague with Jason Statham

Energy company Gazprom has filmed a new commercial with Jason Statham in Prague. In the new spot the actor is chased in his sports car through busy streets and an industrial warehouse by anonymous motorcyclists.

Jonbi Gudmundsson, an Executive Producer with Milk & Honey Films in Prague, said: “We had the use of two Nissan GTR cars that had to be specially adjusted and altered for the shoot in order to be able to put a camera on or inside the car. Also, we had to turn off the electronic systems in order to achieve slides and other nice-looking manoeuvring.”

Prague was used as a generic European city and the production applied for the relevant filming permits several weeks before the shoot began. Some of the spot’s special effects shots were captured in Prague Studios.

Galina Kalinina, a Producer with Metra Films, said: “We chose to spend four days filming in Prague because it was less expensive than elsewhere. Also, the crews are very professional and have experience in all the technical fields as Hollywood productions work there all the time too. I’d definitely recommend it.”

Client: Gazprom
Agency: Ogilvy, Russia
Production Company: Metra Films
Producer: Galina Kalinina
Production Service Company: Milk & Honey Films, Prague
Executive Producer: Jonbi Gudmundsson
Location Manager: Ludek Herda
Director of Photography: Stefan von Borbely
Director: Jan de Bont


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