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Juicy Couture shoots new campaign on Icelandic lake

Fashion brand Juicy Couture built a set with wall flats up to nine metres high on a shallow lake called Hraunfjördur two hours from Reykjavik. The production scouted locations around the world, but Iceland’s geography made the decision easier for the team.

Bouha Kazmi, Head of Creative at Flynn Productions, said: “We scouted places like the US and Canada, but it was the range of locations on offer in Iceland that convinced us. We needed waterfalls and lakes within a manageable and convenient distance. It was pretty windy but that was okay.”

The flats themselves were built in the city and then driven to the location. A foundation of steel I-beams was first laid in 60 centimetres of water and the flats were then lowered in to construct the set. A city swimming pool was used to shoot underwater shots that were then cut with those taken above the waterline.

Petur Sigurdsson, a Producer with On the Rocks Productions, said: “It all had to be put together out in the water, so two massive cranes were used and the construction guys were in waders in the water for three days almost without a break. We only had about a week to build everything and there were no blueprints ready when the carpenters started building the flats.”

Kazmi added: “My first piece of advice would be to buy an Icelandic jumper as soon as you get there! It’s really a country of just awe-inspiring locations. Anything you see out of the car window is mind-blowing.”

Client: Juicy Couture
Agency: Buero, New York
Creative Director: Alex Wiederin
Production Companies: Flynn Productions, DNA (LA)
Head of Creative at Flynn: Bouha Kazmi
Line Producer: Emma Butterworth
Production Service Company: On the Rocks Productions
Producer: Petur Sigurdsson
Director: Paul Gore


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