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Colombia shaking off dangerous image

Colombia’s been fighting an image problem due to the country’s history of civil unrest, but this is changing. The audiovisual industry is becoming a force to be reckoned with and brands like Timberland, Corona Light and Specsavers - serviced by Tribu and/or its partner company Twenty Four-Seven - have all filmed in Colombian locations recently.

Companies are now in a position to expand – in some cases globally – and top production house Colombo Films recently launched a new production services department.

The company said: “Since its conception in 2004, Colombo Films has attracted Colombia’s best talent in production, whose efforts have made it unique to its kind and the forerunner in providing services for the international market.”

The country is well placed in terms of global access, with Miami just a three-hour flight away. When combined with the availability of cutting-edge equipment and prices that can undercut the competition by as much as 40%, expect to see Colombia dominating the South American industry in the near future.


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