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2011 Produced By Conference and AFCI’s Location Trade Show a success

It was a successful few days for the Producers Guild of America’s Third Annual Produced By Conference (PBC) that was held in association with the AFCI’s Location Trade Show. Over 2,200 delegates were at The Walt Disney Studios and there were more than 300 film commissions.

The Location Guide’s Clara Lé and Jean-Frédéric Garcia said: “We came to the improved AFCI Location Trade Show not knowing what to expect since the tie-up with the Produced By Conference. In the end we were very pleased. We met up with a lot of people and the whole event had a more exclusive feel, which is more professional when compared to the Santa Monica event.

We met up with a lot of people and the whole event had a more exclusive feel, which is more professional when compared to the Santa Monica event.

Clara Lé and Jean-Frédéric Garcia, The Location Guide

“Improvements are needed to increase the traffic flow of producers to the film commissions’ booths through longer breaks between seminars, and more networking opportunities would be good. But the AFCI is aware of this already. We’re supporting the event whole-heartedly and are looking forward to next year.”

Speakers at the PBC included Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Smith and Darren Star, while the film commissions in attendance together represented filming incentives and production financing worth more than USD2 billion.

We're eager to find out about your experiences of the show, so please drop us a note below.

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  • Hert Rick


    On behalf of a film commissioner that has been attending the Location show since the beginning, I missed the number of production companies, location scouts and potential indy producitons that we have had a chance to visit in the past. My lead list from this show is a fraction of what we have generated in the past. Look forward to the tweaks for next year.


  • Susannah Robbins


    I thought the Locations/Produced By show was a huge success. As Director of a Film Commission, I want to meet as many producers as possible -- While my booth didn't get enough traffic, I made so many contacts by walking around and actively engaging producers. To have that much exposure in such a short period of time made the show definitely worth it. I was talking to the Decision Makers -- that's key.


  • Tara Penner


    I was pleasantly surprised with the results of the Location Show this year. Not knowing what to expect, I did not have high expectations. I ended up making some great connections, without having to weed through the "not-so-great" connections. The quality of individuals attending was a huge improvement. For next year it would be wonderful if it was set-up in a way where the producers had more free time to wander through the exhibits.