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ADVERTORIAL: Filming in Finnish Lapland - The charm of the ordinary and the thrill of the extraordinary

Need cars racing on a frozen lake, Siberian tundra or town milieus? In Finnish Lapland the wilderness is a stone’s throw away from the urban.

Easy accessibility and excellent infrastructure make the region a very easy and cost-effective filming location. Finnish Lapland’s versatile nature and the changing seasons present truly unique backdrops for any production all year round. The arctic characteristics - deep snow in the winter and endless sunlight in the summer - morph the surroundings each season, offering an ever-changing ambience. The shooting prospects are almost unlimited.

Finnish Lapland is not only about pristine landscapes. It’s about bureaucracy-free operations and a can-do attitude. It is friendly, efficient and hospitable. Our hard-working crews are appreciated by filmmakers for their enthusiastic and entrepreneurial spirit. They are accustomed to working in wilderness and cold conditions - having local crew on board can bring true value to your production!

Finland is the northernmost member of the European Union but is easily accessible from across Europe by air. Thanks to many direct routes from the major European cities, there’s easy access to Finland and further into the wilderness of Lapland’s natural wilderness just a few hours’ away.

With us, your story is told the way you want it. Without hassle

Finnish Lapland Film Commission's mission is to ease the lives of productions by providing the best local knowledge and advice on the region's locations, service providers and professionals. With us, your story is told the way you want it to be - without a hassle.

For more information, check out our website www.filmlapland.fi

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