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In & Out creates Megan Fox island paradise on location in California

In probably the most eye-catching language school commercial in the history of the genre, In & Out has filmed on location in California with Megan Fox and Mike Tyson. The spot shows two twenty-something Brazilian men washed up on a desert island populated by multiple clones of Megan Fox.

Being a spot for Brazilian language school CCAA (Centro de Cultura Anglo Americana), the two young men find themselves cast back into the sea because they can’t talk to Fox in English. Instead they find themselves on a rocky island populated by clones of Mike Tyson. He may not speak Portuguese, but unfortunately for them he’s happy for the extra company.

Rather than seeking out their own remote islands, the production filmed on two separate beaches in California. The sandy Oxnard Beach north of Los Angeles became Megan Fox Island, with a motion-control camera used so that the actress’ clones could be added seamlessly later. The rocky Refugio Beach nearby (pictured above) was used as Mike Tyson Island.

Frida Sellar produced the spot for In & Out: “Mike Tyson Island was an area in Refugio where after a certain time of day the tide rises. It was hard to reach or work there, but it needed to be especially rocky. We added set design. In Refugio we found both extremes. There was the rocky beach and the crystal-calm water [at the other], so we could shoot the boys getting to the beach.”

It took about three hours for the art department to set up Mike Tyson Island and we shot it quickly since we needed to leave before high tide.

Frida Sellar, Producer

Oxnard Beach had the right look for the Megan Fox sandy paradise, while the rocks at Refugio lent themselves to the tongue-in-cheek hellish visuals of Mike Tyson Island, which resembles a war zone with the added set design.

Sellar (pictured above second from right) adds: “It took about three hours for the art department to set up Mike Tyson Island and we shot it quickly since we needed to leave before high tide. We got regular location permits. We could not set up the day before so our art department was great in making it happen. Our days were about 16 hours long, especially for the art department.”

Ironically the production got natural fog for the Megan Fox day of filming when they didn’t want it, but it was nowhere to be seen on Refugio where of course it was needed, so smoke machines had to be brought in instead.

Client: CCAA language school (Centro de Cultura Anglo Americana)
Agency: NBS
Creative Directors: André Lima and Pedro Feyer
Production/Service Company: In & Out Production Services, Killers
Producers: Julia Tavares and Frida Sellar
Director of Photography: Andres Sanchez
Director: Claudio Borrelli


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