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Boxer Films trades a sled for a new Suzuki filming on location in Alberta

The ice of Spray Lake in Alberta, Canada, is the setting for a new vehicle commercial from Suzuki, produced by Boxer Films. Sled shows an Inuit setting off from his igloo home with his huskies, only to return having traded in the sled for the new Suzuki Kizashi, with his huskies as passengers.

Locations were considered in Vancouver and Alaska before the team settled on Alberta’s Spray Lake. Alberta’s frozen lakes are popular filming locations and Spray Lake itself was used last year by Mercedes-Benz.

John Quinn produced the spot for Boxer: “The main reason we chose this location was the remote look and an open, frozen lake that gave us the arctic feel. I would advise plenty of prep time to allow for ice-lake measuring and logistics, as well as a weather contingency to allow time for the perfect day.”

Ice engineers usually work alongside production companies in Alberta, measuring the ice thickness regularly to make sure it’s safe to film on. Divers are frequently on hand in case of emergencies.

Client: Suzuki
Agency: Siltanen & Partners Advertising, Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Siltanen
Production/Service Company: Boxer Films, Los Angeles
Producer: John Quinn
Director: Jim Zoolalian


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