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Models ride furniture out to sea on location off Miami coast for Filmmaster

Biscayne Bay off the Miami coast was the filming location for the new commercial for Italian fashion brand Freddy. The Slounge Way is a mood piece showing models waking on floating furniture and exploring their surroundings as they drift towards a nearby city.

We had to prepare all the furniture, piece by piece, with polystyrene and other light materials.

Lorenzo Cefis, Executive Producer

Filming took place in Biscayne Bay mainly because it was convenient for the client. Michele Petternella is with Clou Productions in Miami: “Biscayne Bay is very shallow so the piece was largely filmed from the shore. Filming permission came from several different city agencies and marine patrols checked our props to make sure they wouldn’t cause any damage – the bay is part of a national park.”

The bay itself offers shallow, clean water that’s sheltered from the less predictable weather conditions of the open ocean. It’s the next best thing to filming in the controlled environment of a water tank.

Lorenzo Cefis is Executive Producer and Partner at Filmmaster in Milan: “We had to prepare all the furniture, piece by piece, with polystyrene and other light materials. The Art Director we decided to work with has a great expertise in floating things!”

Filming lasted two days and the models and the furniture were generally only a few feet from the beach, despite the open-water feel in the finished spot. Overhead shots were filmed using a large crane anchored on the beach, while a crane was also mounted on a boat when the team went further out for shots with the Miami skyline in the background.

Client: Freddy
Agency: DLV BBDO
Production Company: Filmmaster, Milan
Executive Producer: Lorenzo Cefis
Production Service Company: Clou Production Services, Miami
Director: Marco Gentile


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