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Safety forces Radical Media to abandon Mercedes-Benz location filming in Oregon

Radical Media has had to head elsewhere to film a new Mercedes-Benz commercial after safety concerns caused problems in Oregon. The producers were eyeing Deschutes National Forest, but plans to use a low-flying helicopter concerned the US Forest Service.

Filming was planned for the Cascade Lake Highway in a shoot that would have delivered around USD150,000 into the local economy, reports local paper The Bulletin. The Forest Service said it asked for more detailed safety information on the permit application, but didn’t get it until 48 hours before the shoot was due to take place.

It's always an uphill climb, but in 25 years as a Location Manager, I have never not gotten a permit.

Doug Reynolds, Location Manager

Doug Reynolds is a Location Manager with Locations NW in Portland and spoke to the outlet: "Any highway in Oregon, I can get a permit in five days or less to do whatever I want. It's always an uphill climb, but in 25 years as a Location Manager, I have never not gotten a permit."

Brant Petersen is Acting District Ranger for the Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District and told the outlet: "On any given day there are hundreds [of people in the area] and that's no exaggeration. On weekends, I would put thousands up there. All of this boiled down to our first and foremost concern, which is public safety."

Petersen added that alternative locations had been suggested to the production team, but they decided to film in California instead.


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  • Jean-Michel Paoli


    Well Shit happens sometime...You will never experience this in Iceland for sure ...It´s very easy to get permits even in a National park , Filming in Iceland it´s vey cool ...Specially with cars ...Greats locations , very professional crew ...Call me next time ...have a look at my website www.comradefilm.com. I do a lot of car commercial


  • Bernhard Eberstadt


    I know we location managers hate not getting a permit but the security aspect argumentation of the district ranger is to be respected - accidents do happen, we´ve had one (low flying) helicopter down here in a car shoot without any foreseeable risk...makes you think! Especially after being personally exposed to risk in very hazardous helicopter shoots before.