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North Carolina aims to capitalise on Hunger Games location filming

North Carolina is preparing to capitalise on dystopian drama The Hunger Games. The film spent four months filming in the state in 2011, spending around USD60 million and employing nearly 200 local crew members.

Aaron Syrett is Director of the North Carolina Film Office: “The [state filming] incentive was a major factor in the filmmakers’ decision to come here. The incentive completed the package, which included the locations and the state’s well-developed infrastructure - our professional crew base and our facilities.”

The state offers a 25% refundable tax credit, which has also helped it secure the Iron Man 3 production for later this year. As a result of the tax credit, North Carolina’s film and TV production spending reached USD220 million in 2011, triple the figure from 2010.

The Hunger Games is out in cinemas around the world.

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