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Arizona gives initial approval to reinstate location filming incentive

Arizona is in the process of reinstating the location filming incentive that was cancelled two years ago. The plan is to launch a 30% tax credit that will help make Arizona more competitive with neighbouring states, although there’s still intense opposition from conservative politicians.

The main reason the programme was cancelled was official state data from 2009 claiming that the original incentive paid out nearly USD9 million and got back less than USD2.5 million. Politicians who are lobbying for the incentive to be reinstated claim that part of the reason for this was that the state wasn’t properly marketed on a national level.

I believe it will create jobs and rejuvenate the film industry in this state.

Senator Al Melvin

Senator Al Melvin is one conservative politician supporting the incentive, reports the Arizona Republic News: “I believe it will create jobs and rejuvenate the film industry in this state.”

Arizona clearly recognises the benefits of attracting major film and TV productions and seems to be smarting over the fact that Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger has ended up filming mostly in neighbouring New Mexico. On the other hand many state politicians would prefer to steer clear of liberal Hollywood and are reluctant to offer direct incentives.


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