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Saskatchewan film firms consider chasing location incentives to Alberta

Saskatchewan in central Canada may lose some of its production companies to neighbouring provinces like Alberta. With the Saskatchewan incentive programme facing a dramatic downgrade, companies may choose to relocate to parts of the country that are offering more generous subsidies.

In March authorities in Saskatchewan announced the complete cancellation of a 45% refundable filming incentive. This was softened to a downgrade, but many industry professionals aren’t happy with the proposed 25% non-refundable programme, which is scheduled to become active in July 2012.

These companies are in a situation where they have decisions to make.

Jeff Brinton, Alberta Film Commissioner

Alberta is one region that looks more inviting to some Saskatchewan companies: Jeff Brinton is Alberta’s Film Commissioner and spoke to PostMedia: “These companies are in a situation where they have decisions to make. I would say they were interested and intrigued with the level of support that an Alberta production company gets.”

Back in March the Saskatchewan Government argued that local production has fallen drastically in recent years making the annual film fund hard to justify. Local industry professionals claimed the incentive has generated six times the expenditure over 15 years.


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