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On location with Producer Maggie Blundell

Maggie started in the industry as a researcher finding dog breeders as potential candidates for a Pedigree Chum dog food campaign. She’s been producing for over 25 years, worked at Ted Bates, DDB, BMP, DDBBMP and now Adam & Eve DDB.

Where have you filmed in recent years?

All over Europe, South Africa, North America, South America, the Far East, the Caribbean and Bromley in the UK.

Is there anything you would have liked to have known beforehand about filming in any of these locations?

Don’t go to Bromley.

Are there any production service companies or individuals you would like to give a special mention?

Patricia Lino at Production Services, Portugal, and Maxine Walters in Kingston, Jamaica. Both are amazing women who should be running their countries.

What has been your hardest on-location challenge to date?

Making Bromley look good.

Where do you most like shooting and why?

It has to be Los Angeles. It’s still the film capital, the crews are amazingly slick, anything can be low-fat and although you pay a premium nothing is ever an issue.

Where in your international filming experience do you consider you got the best production value?

Probably the Far East, but in truth it felt almost uncomfortable. There was lots of people power and for the right price anything is possible. Police escorts from one location to the other seemed to be perfectly normal, as did child labour so I’m not sure I’d go back in a hurry.

What do you do to relax after a full-on location shoot?

Are you kidding? I work full time and have two teenagers; I go on location to relax!

Where do you find peace and quiet?


Thank you

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