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Panama plans new studio complex to boost regional location filming

A new studio complex is being planned for development in Panama City in Central America. Announced by the country’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the project also involves Oscar-winning producer Jonathan Sanger and Location Manager Sam Tedesco.

Sanger grew up in Panama and Tedesco worked there in 2011 on the Hollywood thriller Contraband. The development will be a part of a wider campaign to promote Panama’s filming industries internationally by working alongside organisations like the Panama Film Commission and the Panama International Film Festival.

Tedesco, who also worked on Rock of Ages, comments: “Panama City is such a modern and sophisticated place for basing actors and crew. But what really sets Panama apart as a location for a studio, aside from its infrastructure, its proximity to the United States and its use of the US dollar, is the jaw-dropping variety of looks found in the country, allowing a Producer to replicate everything from New York to Los Angeles, as well as classic Caribbean architecture, lush jungles and rivers.”

Arianne Benedetti is Panama’s Film Commissioner: “We realised the economic potential and the touristic and cultural impact the film industry could have in our country. That’s why we recently created a film festival, passed a law with financial incentives for film production, and we are going to fully support a studio project.

Panama City is such a modern and sophisticated place for basing actors and crew.

Sam Tedesco, Location Manager

Benedetti adds: “We’re the new kid on the film block and we welcome the world’s film community to be part of our journey.”

Panama doesn’t have a high profile on the international filmmaking scene, although it hosted part of the Quantum of Solace shoot in 2007, as well as Contraband last year. The new studio complex would offer sound stages, production offices and room for equipment supply.

For our interview with Panama-based Quantum of Solace Location Manager Alberto Serra, click here.

(Photos: Panama Film Commission)


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