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Alexander Payne chooses Nebraska filming locations for new feature

Oscar-winning filmmaker Alexander Payne will be filming on location in Nebraska for his new feature, which at the moment is named after the state. Nebraska is in the central US and Omaha-born Payne could help raise the state’s filmmaking profile.

Laurie Richards is Nebraska Film Officer: “For this project Alexander is particularly interested in rural towns that have kept their historic identity. We have many towns that fit his location descriptions; it's a challenge to find everything in a 60-mile radius or what we call ‘zone of production’.”

Payne won a screenwriting Oscar in 2012 for The Descendants, which he filmed on location in Hawaii with George Clooney. He chose the lesser-known Hawaiian island of Kaua’i for the shoot, but filming in the region still made the project his most expensive film to date.

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