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British comedy films on restored Trident aircraft at Manchester Airport

New British comedy film The Wedding Video shot scenes on location at Manchester Airport in north-west England using a retired Trident aircraft. Based at the airport’s Runway Visitor Park, the plane was retired in 1985 after nearly 15 years of service.

An airport spokesman commented to Manchester Evening News: “Production companies often tell us it is difficult to film on board an airliner, especially as they can require access for several hours, or even several days.

The spokesman adds: “This is because it simply isn’t commercially viable for airlines to use their aircraft in this way, alongside the restricted access to the operational areas of airports and live airliners, for security reasons.”

Manchester is becoming a more popular filming location in the UK and has seen a steady rise in inquiries in recent years. Marvel doubled parts of Manchester for New York in Captain America and the city has since signed up to the UK’s Production Liaison Charter, committing it to film-friendly practices.

(Images: MilborneOne)


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