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Spy thriller Jack Ryan doubles Liverpool for Moscow and New York

Jack Ryan, the new big-budget spy thriller directed by and co-starring Kenneth Branagh, has filmed on location in Liverpool. The English city has doubled for Moscow, while the nearby borough of Wirral has doubled for New York City.

Jan Connor is Manager at the local Foundry Business Centre, where the Jack Ryan production team hired office space, and she spoke to Birkenhead News: “It was fabulous to see. There were about 100 people in the crew and they made the opening to the [Birkenhead] tunnel look like it was in New York."

She adds: “There were guys putting artwork over it to make it look more like brickwork and they put signs up saying 'Wall Street freeway'. The car park was full of NYPD police cars.”

It’s becoming more common for UK towns and cities outside London to be visited by Hollywood studio productions, especially when they’re based at facilities like Pinewood. The London 2012 Olympics also resulted in more UK-wide filming inquiries as productions were urged to seek alternatives to the English capital over the summer months.


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