Written by Murray Ashton on Oct 1, 2012. Posted in On Location

Filming on location at Price Canyon Ranch in the state of Arizona

Price Canyon Ranch is in Arizona near the New Mexico border and has been available as a filming location for a little over five years. The ranch lies amongst five separate canyons and is surrounded by half a million acres of land.

Alicia Kemmerly is the owner: “Price Canyon Ranch is a full 1,200 acres of deeded ranch land in the midst of the Coronado National Forest. The ranch is headquartered at a mile-high elevation of 5,450 feet above sea level.

“We are surrounded by three different topographies, from grassy meadows, oak forest and old growth pine all the way up at 9,300 feet, which provides three different looks in one location.”

Numerous buildings across the ranch can be used as bases for visiting productions and there’s enough space to house a crew of up to 100. Price Canyon has been used by several TV productions over the years, including Zulu Cattleworks and We Shall Remain: Geronimo.

Catering facilities are available from nearby Tucson and a shoot day costs USD1,500. Filmmakers need USD1 million General Liability Insurance, Products Liability, Workers’ Comp Coverage and Property Coverage.


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