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Nirvana Films shoots geysers and glaciers on location in Iceland for Cinthol

Nirvana Films has shot scenes in Iceland and India in a new campaign for soap brand Cinthol. Alive Is Awesome shows three friends enjoying life apparently all over the world in places both hot and cold, while enjoying the cleansing effect of Cinthol soap.

Most of the spot was actually filmed within a few hours’ drive of Reykjavik in Iceland over the course of three days. The locations were built around the theme of ‘extreme bathing’. Lisa D’Costa was Producer: “We did consider Turkey and Greece, but finally settled on Iceland as it gave us the most variety in terms of terrain.

“We reworked a lot of the sequences based on what was available in terms of locations. We loved the idea of the geyser, the glacier and the waterfall [in Iceland].”

Fighting the cold was the number one challenge. With washing and cleansing being the main theme, the actors spend all their screen-time in their bathing clothes having cold water splashed over them and they needed some psychological grit to keep that up.

D’Costa adds: “The thing that made it easier was the enthusiastic cast that took it as a challenge upon themselves to do this. The crew in Iceland were great – the shoot was serviced by Comrade Film - and also helped a great deal in keeping them warm and safe. There were limitations in the number of takes we could do because there is only so much a person's body can handle.”

Scenes involving a native village and elephant-riding were shot over one day in Kannur, a city near Bangalore in southern India, which actually doubled for an African setting.

Client: Cinthol
Agency: Creativeland Asia
Production Company: Nirvana Films, India
Producer: Lisa D’Costa
Production Service Company: Comrade Film, Iceland
Producer: Jean-Michel Paoli
Director of Photography: Karl Oskarsson
Director: Prakash Varma


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  • Ganesh Thakur


    nic work nirvana film india
    and director Prakash Varma
    and also prodction and location manger's