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Advertising agencies to attend Fresh Market at Ciclope advertising craft festival

Several advertising agencies are scheduled to attend the new Fresh Market event at the upcoming Ciclope International Advertising Craft Festival in Buenos Aires. Ciclope runs from 5th to 8th November 2012 and specifically honours the craft of commercial production.

Fresh Market is designed for creatives, producers and TV heads and will offer a brief, ten-minute meeting format on the morning of Tuesday 6th. It’s intended as a quick way to network and spark ideas for potential future collaborations.

Diego Bazzino is with Ciclope: “As happens in most festivals, Ciclope is a place where a lot of networking gets done. The intention behind Fresh Market is to give a dedicated special frame to the networking that gets done between informal talks.”

Agencies taking part in Fresh Market include BBDO NY, AKQA London and Deutsch LA.

For more information about Ciclope and to book your place click here.

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