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House MD Location Manager Nancy Haecker continues her Thailand report

Day 3: We travelled north to the edge of the golden triangle at Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai is surrounded by agricultural land, a place to get out of the Bangkok heat and a starting point for serious trekkers heading into the backcountry.

Hikers wind through karst forests and the mountains of Mae Hong Song for the beauty of it and hoping to encounter hill tribes. We toured the countryside stopping at the Choui Fong Tea company plantation, the Doi Chaang Coffee plantation and the village of the Akha Hilltribe.

When farming opium was discouraged, the hill tribes were left without a sustainable income. By partnering with the Doi Chaang Coffee Company, the hill tribes started to cultivate coffee as their main source of income.

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(Doi Chaang Coffee Company - photo by Nancy Haecker)

(Sunset from Doi Chaang Mountain - photo by Nancy Haecker)

(Seated Buddha on Doi Chaang Mountain - photo by Nancy Haecker)

(Rice Fields - photo by Nancy Haecker)

(Akha Hilltribe villagers separating 'grades' of coffee beans - photo by Ilt Jones)

(Photo by Ilt Jones)

(Photo by Ilt Jones)

(Photo by Ilt Jones)

(Main page lantern image: Ilt Jones)


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