Written by The Location Guide on Nov 16, 2012. Posted in On Location

House MD Location Manager Nancy Haecker continues her Thailand trip

I was surprised by the diversity of lifestyles and locations on Thailand’s largest island, Phuket. It’s known as a party destination so I expected to find overcrowded beaches and discount hotels. That is exactly what I found, but Phuket is also so much more.

It was easy to get off the tourist route to remote beaches, islands and quiet hill country. Practically tourist free, the interior is fertile farm land of small communities growing pineapple and rubber trees. The quieter southern coast found us on remote beaches and in small fishing villages.

Photo - Lori Balton

Photo - Ilt Jones

Phuket fishing village - Ilt Jones

Photo - Lori Balton

Photo - Ilt Jones

Photo - Nancy Haecker

Tea plantation at Chiang Rai - Ilt Jones

Tea plantation at Chiang Rai - Nancy Haecker


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