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House MD Location Manager Nancy Haecker continues to report from Thailand

Location scouts love a good film office. There is nothing more important and reassuring about scouting unchartered territory than a great film office. What makes a great film office is information and service. I know a good film office from the first meeting and it is love at first sight here in Bangkok.

The 'Inland Roadshow 2012' scout should be renamed 'Lovefest 2012'. If you think that I am losing my objectivity of this whirlwind scout, it is because it is being run with extreme precision. I'm seeing mind blowing locations, eating fabulous food, staying in five star hotels, meeting with in-country production vendors and receiving the kind of individual service found only in Thailand!

There is no limit to the variation on looks within the city.

It was not my intention to 'plug' the Thailand Film Office but the level of service they have provided on this scout leaves me no choice and no doubts about filming in this country.

Our first two nights were spent on the banks of the Chao Phraya River at the Mandarian Oriental Hotel. Built in 1876 it has the kind of old world charm that I seek out when traveling. Our second day was spent scouting the streets of Bangkok and the community along the Chao Phraya River.

It is an endless backlot of possibilities.

There is no limit to the variation on looks within the city: Old town, new town, historic, parks, buses, subway, sky train, China Town, Korea Town, westernized, residential, business district, tourist areas, upscale, low rent, high rise, back alleys, penthouses, along the river…it is an endless backlot of possibilities.

Day two in pictures:


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