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Thailand Film Office hosts familiarisation trip with top Location Managers

The Thailand Film Office is hosting a familiarisation trip with a group of top Location Managers. International location filming surged in Thailand in the first half of 2012 as the film office worked hard to raise the country’s profile around the world.

Those on the tour include Location Managers Ilt Jones (Transformers, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises) and Nancy Haecker (House MD), as well as top scout Lori Balton (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lone Ranger and Argo). They’ll all be getting a better sense of what Thailand has to offer international productions.

The Thailand Film Office stated: “[We are] projecting over 2, 200 million Thai Baht (about USD71 million) in revenue for 2012 from foreign production shoots in Thailand, passing the record of 2, 023 million Baht (about USD66 million) set in 2008.”

Thailand doesn’t yet offer a formal filming incentive, which is probably holding the country back from making headway with the major Hollywood studios. However, a combination of lower production costs and exotic scenery is attracting international productions, particularly from Japan and India.

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