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Riverside County in California considers filming incentives to attract production

Riverside County, east of Los Angeles, is to consider new location filming incentives to encourage productions to remain in the state. Authorities would like to see location fees removed and a streamlined process for considering filming requests.

Tom Freeman is Riverside's Foreign Trade Commissioner: "Film and television studios are taking business out of the state and nation, and this is an effort to bring the industry back to Riverside County, create jobs and take advantage of the county's diverse scenery and set locations."

He adds: "The goal is to make Riverside County the most film- and television-friendly county in the nation and bring back production crews to the county and its 28 cities."

California faces intense competition from states like New York, Louisiana and Georgia, which offer more competitive location filming incentives. Studio-based TV comedies are among the only productions that are not suffering a long-term decline in Los Angeles.

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