Written by on Jan 28, 2013. Posted in Incentive News

New England Studios warns against filming incentive cap for Massachusetts

New England Studios has urged the Governor of Massachusetts to resist introducing a cap on the annual state filming incentive. The company plans to open a new studio in Devens in a matter of months to help attract more productions like Oscar-winning movie The Fighter.

Massachusetts offers a 25% filming tax credit to eligible productions but an early draft of the Governor’s new budget proposes capping the annual programme at USD40 million. This would probably take the state out of contention for big-budget movie productions.

Chris Byers is Director of Operations for New England Studios and spoke to the Telegram & Gazette: “We are confident that our elected officials will leave the film tax credits intact, as they watch the job growth that will flow from the completion of the studios.”

New England Studios is building four 18,000-foot sound stages at its Devens facility. Local company Diaspora Capital is also proposing to develop a separate studio 30 miles down the road in Westborough.


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