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North Carolina Film Office expects regional production days to level off

Film production in North Carolina is likely to level off in 2013, the state film office has stated. North Carolina racked up over 4,000 production days in 2012, including Marvel’s Iron Man 3, but the film office has reiterated that big-budget features are unlikely to be regular annual visitors.

The state hosted around 50 productions throughout the year and made nearly USD380 million in direct production expenditure, but Iron Man 3 played a big role in delivering the revenue. Productions between about USD10 million and USD50 million will be the state’s main market.

Aaron Syrett is head of the North Carolina Film Office: “We have one of the smartest incentives in the industry as it takes into account the wealth of resources our state offers, including our well-established infrastructure and diverse locations. North Carolina really is an ideal place for filmmakers.”

Iron Man 3 was based at EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington and the facility upgraded some of its facilities during the shoot to suit Marvel’s needs. A former shopping centre in Charlotte could become an additional film studio in the coming years.

(Images: Marvel)


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